Monday, September 22, 2008

Leaf Project Final

My final leaf project used a textured paper and green tissue paper to accent a red Japanese maple leaf. The four points on the box and the four added points from the tissue paper reemphasize that the leaf has seven leaves and a stem making it eight parts.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Completed on 9-18-08, used pencil, contour.

Hardware Piece

I used pencil, completed on 9-17-08, contour.


This is my precedent for the twig project. I thought of a fan-like structure and the twigs would support the folds.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Better designs for the twigs

I thought that I could weave the twigs through the openings in the paper. I tried larger squares and smaller holes that were the same across the folds.


I thought that I could add holes that would let you see through the paper to the other side.

Twig process

This was my twig project. I wanted to make it dark at the bottom, but when I actually made it it looked better and like a mini forest.

Architecture 2030

I thought that the lecture was interesting in how his started out with asking 'If we were fish'. I agree that the human race is like a storm in that we destroy almost everything we touch. Most times though we rebuild what was there. Architecture 2030 is a blueprint. It isn't how we make things sustainable, but why. It's knowing about the building codes and finding a way to change them to make it so the buildings in 2030 will use absolutely no carbon based products. He also talked about if we take something sustainable from the environment we need to be able to give that back. Like putting solar panels on the roof and using rain water for restroom water.

Twig Issues

My group talked about how we need to make sure that the precedent related to our project. Not look exactly like it, but take some thing from it like form or color. Also we talked about the placement of the twigs. Does the twig have an exact place or are they just stuck in there? Another thing was the overall size of the twigs in relationship to the rest of the project. Are the twigs too big? Small? Maybe the paper needs to be a different size or you need to use a different binding agent.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cross Contour

This was a little complicated because it made you look at the chair and which directions it was flowing in.


We drew some logs to see the texture in objects that we normally wouldn't take account of and to show us that drawing texture is extremely important.

Negative Space

I had a little trouble with this as I wasn't getting the proportions correct the first time.

Without lifting a pencil

It was so hard not to pick up my pencil, but it was actually fun to see that you can draw just as well without picking up your pencil as when you do.

Oh wait...more blind contour

More Blind Contour...

Blind Contour Portrait

Neg. Space Chair

Negative space helps me to see the object more than just trying to draw what I see.

Even More messes...

This mess was on my dad's desk. It's a camera that is broken, a paper holder, a toy car, Trivial Pursuit, and a wire holder.

more messes

My bedside table; paper, retainer case, watch, Hello Kitty band aids, a rope and my Zune case.


Drawing by touch

I think that drawing by feel is a lot easier than blind contour.

Blind Contour

I don't like blind contour. It looks funny to me, but it helps you slow down to see what you are actually drawing.

Hand sketch

Five things...

My five things were:
My hat, phone, a pen, Zune bag, and a deck of cards.

Upside Down

Leaf Sketchs

I didn't know exactly what a sketch model was so I did some sketches for a place for a leaf.

Foot sketch