Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The Movie A Midsummer Night Dream is multi-view because of all the stories that are within another story. The story with the three couples in their lovers’ spats, how two men love Hermia and if she were to choose Lysander she would have to die. It can show the same scene from different characters’ point of view like when it went from the Titania, the Fairy Queen, to Bottom, to Oberon, to Puck.


The flower played an important role in A Midsummer Night Dream because it created chaos and with out the chaos there would not be a story to tell. By using the flower to make people fall in love and Puck getting the wrong man at first it created the middle of the story. How the Gods and the mortals interacted in the play.


This is my first stuffed animal given to me by my late grandfather. I keep it with me so when I feel sad I can hold it and think of happier times when he was still here. This translates a feeling of longing and so happiness to know that he is not suffering any more and he is happy.


A Myth is a story real or not. The Gods and Goddesses were created to understand things that cannot be explained in nature. Most all creatures of myths have a story behind them weather they married someone or they control the seasons, underworld, or heavens. Some stories have people you can relate to like mortals or in some cases demi-gods, thought superhuman.


The lunar cycle shows change but at the same time things are never changing. If you look at how we see the moon every night it changes in an everlasting cycle. Some times it will be larger, glowing brighter, or a different color, but it will still be the same moon we see almost every night.

Time Line

Time line

1900 B.C.

Great palaces were built at Knossos, Phaistos and Mallia.
Sumer collapsed under the Amorites around 1900BC, who established many sub-kingdoms including Assyria and Babylon.

Egyptians used alternate hieroglyphs while inscribing tablets, the first documented use of written cryptography.

Beginning around 1900 BC the Harappans became the first to grow and wove cotton into fabric.


Late Harappan Phase of the Indus Valley Civilization begins
Fall of last Sumerian dynasty
Proto-Greek invasions of Greece
Around 1900 B.C., the Mycenaeans arrived from the North and gained control of Greece.
There was a central government.
Between 2500 BC and 1900 BC, Naxos enjoyed a period of wealth and development due to commerce and shipping. Naxos is the island of the Cyclades, which Homer named "Dia", because of the tradition that linked the island with Zeus, the greatest of the Olympian god.
The great age of Crete was the Palaeo-Anactorian era, 1900 -1700 BC, the time for the imposing palaces of king Minos in Knossos, Malia and Phaistos, particularly the first one.
Minoans began trading with other peoples both around the Aegean and as far away as Egypt.

1900 A.D.

1898–1900 Architect Victor Horta (1861–1947) builds his own house and studio in Brussels, in the Art Nouveau style for which he is famous. Later, the house will become the Musée Horta.
Floradora opens at Broadway's Casino Theatre. It introduces the Floradora sextet, a predecessor to the chorus line.
Concern that trusts and monopolies were taking advantage of workers led to the first large-scale organized labor strike in 1900, an event that impacts industry even today.
ALBANY, Feb. 1 -- According to the reports submitted by the savings banks of the State for the year 1900, those in Manhattan in every instance show increased resources over the totals of 1899.
The Houston Heights Woman's Club, founded by sixteen wives of Houston Heights founders and originally called the Houston Heights Literary Club, held their first meeting at Mrs. Cummings' home on January 15, 1900.

Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud publishes The Interpretation of Dreams.
Americans were optimistic in 1900. For most of them, life was better materially than it had ever been. This was a time of prosperity.
Access to electricity, automobiles, and indoor plumbing was not widespread, but most people felt that such conveniences were just a matter of time.
In 1900, a train could bring you the same distance in six days that a covered wagon brought you in six months.
Though autos traveled twice as fast as horses, only 8,000 cars and about 10 miles of paved roads existed in 1900 America.
In China, the anti-foreigner Boxers occupy Beijing. International force ends both the siege and the Boxer Rebellion.
Carrie Chapman Catt succeeds Susan B. Anthony as president of National Woman Suffrage Association.
On January 2, Secretary of State John Hay announces that he has completed negotiations for the "Open Door" policy in China.
February 6, President William McKinley appoints William Howard Taft, a federal circuit judge, to head the Philippine Commission to establish a civil government in the islands.
On March 9, the Social Democratic Party meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana nominates the Socialist Eugene V. Debs of Indiana for President and Job Harrison of California as Vice-President.

In 1900, though, Cairo was a busy transportation center in the Midwest. It was not only a river town, but also had multiple railroad lines. A combination of these two chief factors resulted in the city's growth by the year 1900.
Hurricane ravages Galveston, Tex.; 6,000 – 8,000 dead. Background: U.S. Hurricanes
The bank clearances of New York are now $1,000,000,000 a year larger
than those of London. The commercial significance of this fact is vast.
It implies the transfer of financial supremacy from England to America.
The year 1900 began promisingly for Galveston. The Spanish-American War was over, and shipping traffic resumed its normal level.
On January 16, 1900, C. P. Huntington confirmed the purchase of the Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Railroad and its integration into the larger Southern Pacific rail system.
Alongside them came nearly a half-million immigrants in 1900, also seeking a better life.