Wednesday, May 6, 2009

coming full circle

Community: Working together is important now as it ever was. This is our world and we all share so making the right decisions affects everyone. Unlike what Forest Gump said, ”Life is like a box of chocolates…” in a way it isn’t we know what we have and we know that we are slowly trashing the place we live. We now need to look back at the past mistakes and forward to the new future.

Stewardship: People need to step up and say what they think and how we can change, and for every change we need someone to lead. Someone had to stand up for a new idea or we would not be in this place today.
Innovation: Now that we have all these buildings and houses we need to change how we use them, and stop making more. In the past it was all about making something new something better, and now that we have it we have to do something with it. We as a whole need to make new the buildings we already have, create new ways to make the old work.

Authenticity: Going back to Stone Hinge almost every object in existence deals with circles and squares, male and female, simple geometry that has evolved and stayed the same.

Looking back on every thing that we have covered in this class and mainly this last week has made me think, “Where is this path taking us? What will design be like when there is no more space to make something new?”

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